Celebrating Small Businesses Across Canada with PayPal
Technology can exponentially accelerate growth for small businesses, which make up 98 per cent of all Canadian businesses.[1] Despite this, only one in five Canadian businesses sell online, [2] demonstrating that there is still untapped potential for small business growth. In today’s highly competitive world, small businesses need to access digital tools that open them up to global audiences. For Canada to be a more vibrant and inclusive digital economy, it helps if we empower small businesses to adopt digital commerce tools and technology. 
For Small Business Month, PayPal has teamed up with the original founders of Small Business Week in Canada, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Together, our joint mission is to help Canadian business owners understand and unlock the full potential of digital commerce solutions. We’re celebrating all month long with several events and activities to help businesses embrace digital transformation. 
PayPal teams up with BDC to host events across the country: Helping businesses digitize now
We’re kicking off Small Business Week on Monday, October 15th with a lunch and learn networking eventco-hosted with the BDC in Toronto. The event features Amber Mac, leading Canadian entrepreneur, tech expert and bestselling author; she will discuss her small business success journey and the impact of digital tools on her business. Attendees will also hear from business experts Michael Denham, President and CEO of the BDC and Paul Parisi, President of PayPal Canada, as well as a panel of entrepreneurs, founders and experts. The discussion will focus on the importance of leveraging digital tools to be successful in today’s global economy.
We’re also working with BDC across the country to bring a new level of engagement to small businesses and their communities in Calgary and Edmonton, AB and St. John’s,Newfoundland and Labrador. We want to share what we’ve learned from our 250,000 Canadian merchants and help more businesses realize success with e-commerce.
New proprietary data shows digital SMBs grow faster than offline counterparts
For the first time in Canada, we’ve released proprietary insights from 4,000 small businesses that use PayPal demonstrating that these digital businesses grow faster and have greater access to international trade opportunities. Notable insights include:
  • Digital small businesses grew 22 per cent year-over-year in 2017, insharp contrast to offline small businesses, which saw less than one per cent growth year-over-year in 2016.[3]
  • More than 63 per cent of digital small businesses export their goods and services. In 2014, only about 12 per cent of Canadian SMBs engaged in international trade.[4]
  • Nearly 30 per cent of exporting digital small businesses sell to three countries or more. 
  • Digital small businesses located in rural parts of Canada grew 18.5 per cent between 2016 and 2017, while urban businesses grew at 21.3 per cent. Suburban businesses saw the highest rates of growth at 46.5 per cent, year-over-year.  
Download the white-paperto learn more. 
PayPal’s Business Makeover Contest is back
Applications open on October 11 for the PayPal Business Makeover Contest 2018. Business owners could win $15,000, plus $2,500 in shipping credits and a makeover of their choice. Contest entries will be accepted until October 31. Contest details and more information can be found here
E-commerce workshop with technology expert, Amber Mac
PayPal has partnered with Small Business Month with entrepreneur, author and technology expert Amber Mac. As an active advocate for technology adoption, entrepreneurship and small business growth, Amber will be hosting a Facebook Live to help answer questions about using ecommerce as part of your business strategy. Tune in to Amber Mac’s Facebook pageon Friday, October 19th. 
New Business Resource Center launches for Canadian SMBs
This October, we refreshed our Business Resource Centre where Canadian small businesses can go to learn all they need to know about running their business in today’s competitive, evolving and global landscape. From setting up an online presence to making the most of social media marketing, this website has a wealth of information for you to explore. You can find helpful articles, insights and success stories on being a PayPal merchant and expanding your business on our Business Resource Center here
PayPal is proud to be a partner and platform for small businesses as they launch, scale and grow. For well over a decade, PayPal Canada has helped more than 250,000 Canadian businesses of all sizes benefit from e-commerce by delivering solutions that meet their evolving needs. Join us this month, and beyond, in showing support and appreciation for small businesses in your community and around the world. 
[1]According to Government of Canada, Key Small Business Statistics (June 2016), non-financial industries grew 0.8 per cent in 2016, the last year for which data was available.
[2]Government of Canada, Key Small Business Statistics (June 2016).
[3]Government of Canada, Key Small Business Statistics (June 2016).
[4]PayPal Canada SMB Landscape study (May 2017).

Paul Parisi , President, PayPal Canada

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