PayPal Giving Fund Canada launches, partners with Facebook
Today, we launched PayPal Giving Fund Canada, a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). With this initiative, we are excited to enable greater charitable giving in Canada. Our mission is to partner with leading Internet companies and relevant brands to develop innovative online giving programs that inspire a new wave of philanthropy. In the US and UK, PayPal Giving Fund helped raise over CAD $130 million to benefit 46,000 charities in 2017. 
PayPal Giving Fund Canada uses PayPal technology and financial support to help raise funds to benefit Canadian charities. CRA-registered charities can enroll via this link. Our operating costs are covered by our partners, so we don’t charge charities or individual donors for our services. 100% of all donations made to PayPal Giving Fund Canada are distributed to Canadian charities.
Sarah Matte, Chief Development Officer of Save the Children Canada shared that “With over 6.5 million PayPal users in Canada, PayPal Giving Fund Canada provides a unique digital platform to engage new donors and raise funds in support of our mission.” 
Facebook Fundraising
We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Facebook. Crucially, this partnership enables thousands of CRA-registered Canadian charities to benefit from funds raised on Facebook for the first time – with every donation processed using our secure payments technology and without any fees or transaction charges because Facebook is covering the cost. You can find out more about how to benefit from Facebook charitable giving tools here.
Easy to enroll 
Any CRA-registered charity in good standing can enroll with PayPal Giving Fund Canada for free. Enrolling is the fastest way for your charity to receive funds from PayPal Giving Fund securely. Enrolled charities can track payments made to their charity by PayPal Giving Fund Canada, view donor details (where the donors have agreed to share them), and customize their profile page on our website. PayPal Giving Fund Canada receives the donations and issues official tax receipts to donors, so charities won’t need to deal with any receipting for funds received from PayPal Giving Fund Canada. 
Corey Smith, Senior Manager of Corporate & Community Partnerships at Second Harvest said, “We are excited to partner with PayPal Giving Fund Canada. Enrollment was quick and easy, and we’re looking forward to engaging new supporters across the country!”
Other charities that have already enrolled include the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Pollution Probe, the Boundless School, Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Humanitarian Coalition and Plan International Canada. 
Count on the benefits
Benefits for charities that are eligible to receive funds from PayPal Giving Fund Canada include:
  • No fees: Our partners, including PayPal, cover our operating costs, so that PayPal Giving Fund Canada doesn’t charge charities or individual donors for our services.
  • Reports and receipts: We provide donation and donor reports, issue official donation receipts and make grants to your charity every month.
  • Attract more donors: Enrolling with us puts your charity in front of an online audience of millions.
  • Easy enrollment: You just need a PayPal business account with confirmed charity status to enroll. For more info on how to enroll, click here.
How it works
  • Charities enroll with PayPal Giving Fund Canada and manage their public profile, add their organization’s logo and tell their story in a way that encourages more donor support.
  • Supporters donate through the platform or other trusted partners (soon to be announced).  
  • PayPal Giving Fund Canada receives the donations and provides receipts to donors.
  • PayPal Giving Fund Canada grants the funds to charities without charging them, or individual donors, for its services. 
We have outlined how grants are made to charities in our donation delivery policy
The power of the platform
In the coming weeks, we will launch our annual holiday giving campaign starting on #GivingTuesday on November 27, 2018 through till December 31, 2018, where our partner, PayPal, will match 1% of all donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund Canada website or on the PayPal mobile app. 
Through these campaigns and partnerships with companies like PayPal and Facebook, we’re aiming to help charities engage more donors, especially online, mobile-savvy and younger Canadians. Our goal is to make giving an integral part of their online transactions by reaching them through technologies they already use and trust, and by making the act of giving and fundraising easy and seamless. 
It’s easy for donors to find and support their favourite causes through the PayPal fundraising hub website. When a charity enrolls with PayPal Giving Fund Canada, they have the potential to be included in seasonal campaigns and disaster relief fundraising efforts, if their cause is applicable. These campaigns can be deployed quickly and easily to ensure that more funds are available where they’re most needed.
We encourage all Canadian CRA-registered charities to enroll so they can reach more donors who want to support their cause through our website and through Facebook’s Fundraisers.  

Wen-Chih O’Connell, Executive Director, PayPal Giving Fund Canada 

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