MERCHANT TIPS: Accept Payments Quickly by Creating a Shareable Link


Create a PayPal.Me link for your business that you can share in email, text message, or social media channels. Your customers will need an account with PayPal to pay you. If you haven’t already, first follow our quick steps for opening a PayPal Business account. If you need help at any point, please call us at 844-720-4039.

It’s free to create a shareable link; you only pay a low 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee when your customers pay you. Fees are subject to change. Learn more about our fees.

Creating a shareable link

Here’s how to create your PayPal.Me link:

  1. Go to and click Create your PayPal.Me Link.
  2. Log into your PayPal Business account.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Add your business logo or a photo.
  5. Choose your PayPal.Me link name.
  6. Review your profile.
  7. Review the terms & conditions and privacy policy.
  8. Click Agree and Create.

Once you’ve created your link, don’t keep loyal customers waiting. Post on social media. Shoot customers an email. Whichever channel(s) you choose, let them know you’re still open for business.

When you’re ready, you can also: 

If we can help you with any of the above steps, please give us a call at 844-720-4039.


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