Turn shifting values into cross-border opportunities - PayPal Borderless Commerce Report 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the perspective, and actions of people around the world including their shopping behaviours. While public health may have since improved, the economic impact is still being felt around the world. From inflation to supply chain issues, shoppers worldwide are feeling the strain. An outcome of these developments is a shift in shopper values, making people increasingly comfortable shopping beyond borders. This has created opportunities for global merchants to sell in the growing world of cross-border commerce. 

Borderless Commerce

As part of its commitment in supporting the business community, PayPal has launched the 2022 Borderless Commerce Reportwhich provides insights of the latest trends and consumer thoughts and behaviours in 14 markets around the world, including Canada.

The survey found that Canadian consumers are largely skeptical of an economic recovery. The result is that some shoppers have turned away from purchasing higher-priced goods in favour of more reasonably priced options.

Here are some notable findings from the survey:

Cross-border shopping an expensive endeavour for Canadians

Overall, the survey found 63 per cent of Canadians shop cross-border. While the U.S. remains Canada’s primary trading partner, 32 per cent of cross-border shoppers surveyed branched out and made purchases from new international sites.

However, 44 per cent of online shoppers surveyed abandoned their carts once they realized they were shopping on an international website. This is because of traditionally high delivery costs as well as duties and taxes that consumers must pay for international goods.

Shifting shopping habits

After a long two years with government-imposed restrictions during the pandemic, Canadians are thinking twice about what they are spending money on.

46 per cent of surveyed online shoppers spent more on products they could enjoy with friends and family, rather than spending money on themselves.

Furthermore, about 53 per cent of respondents said they were worried about availability of products they frequently use. Canadians are shifting where they shop, looking to popular online marketplaces which often give them a clearer idea of product availability and the true price of the purchase in Canadian dollars. The survey found that online marketplaces remain the most common place of purchase for international purchases across all categories.

An opportunity for global retailers

As shoppers look beyond their own borders, retailers have an opportunity to expand their horizons, reach new audiences, boost their business overall, and mitigate risks. The first step is getting to know the audience and understanding their values and local nuances.

Full findings of the PayPal 2022 Borderless Commerce Report can be viewed here:


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