A day with PayPal: ready, set, snow
Dear fellow Canadians, when the flurries start flying there’s no need to hibernate. In fact, there are many ways to make the most of a snow day.
Here is a challenge for you: on a day like today, when the snow just won’t quit, embrace it and enjoy a day in the snow.
Picture it: you wake up at the crack of dawn. The air is extra sharp and dry, probably a result of central heating, so you prep with a few organic winter skin care products from Petal & Post. Next it’s time to suit up. You throw on your winter best, pack up the gear you ordered from Sport Chek and head to the car - a day of skiing and mountaintop lodges await. With your lift tickets in tow, thanks to Backside Tours, nothing is going to stop you now.
After a delightfully exhausting day romping in the snow, you return home and are greeted by your best friend. He’s besweatered, of course, with a stylish Canadian-made jacket from Maple Leash.
Finally, the sun has set and it’s time to grab the cozy blanket you ordered from Indigo, curl up on the couch, and watch your favourite show on Netflix Canada.
See, snow days aren’t so bad.
While your day should be adventurous, there should be nothing risky about how you spend your money. Shop online safely securely with PayPal, at over 200,000 Canadian retailers so that you are properly outfitted to enjoy all the frosty fun this winter season has to offer.

Kerry Reynolds, Head, Consumer Marketing, PayPal Canada

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