Make Mom’s day with these online shopping tips
Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Daughters and sons are probably finding themselves in the familiar dilemma of wanting to wow mom with only a few days to prepare. Hoping to find the perfect gift, siblings may stress over what to buy, how much it costs, or if mom will even like it.
Read your emails
At this time of year, many retailers send tastefully curated gift guides and seasonal picks that will appeal to Moms. Be sure to scan those emails for promos or deals – they’re a great way to snag a deal on a gift for Mother’s Day and save some money while you’re at it.
Buy from an online store
You and your siblings want to get Mom the perfect gift, but between a hectic workday, spending time on a patio with friends and making sure the kids are fed, most of you don’t have time to shop at an overcrowded mall. Shopping online allows you to buy a personalized gift from millions of online stores, in just a few clicks. Whether buying one big ticket piece or a few smaller items for a curated Mother’s Day gift basket, your precious cargo will arrive at your doorstep. Better yet, have the give delivered directly to Mom’s door. No trip to the mall required.
Coordination is key
Siblings may not always get along, but if you’re going to pick one day of the year to put aside your differences, Mother’s Day is the one. Getting together to select presents and nailing down a reservation at the perfect brunch spot is key to making her happy. She’ll be more touched by your teamwork than the gifts themselves.
Tally the total
She’s unwrapped her presents, smelled her bouquet of lilies and cleaned her plate at the brunch table. Give yourselves a pat on the back while you tally the total costs of your Mother’s Day plans. The PayPal app makes it easier than ever to send money between family members so everyone can chip in to make Mom smile. It’s easy to settle up the bills even before you go your separate ways. Plus sending money with PayPal is free when you send from your bank or PayPal balance.
To relieve the pressure of indecision and to offer a bit of inspiration, we’ve lined up a few tips to help you pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift.
For adventurous moms, shop for an internationally inspired gift
Wish you could treat her to a tropical holiday or European vacation but don’t have the time or budget? Pick out a gift from her favorite destination so she can feel like a jetsetter without even leaving the house. With PayPal, it’s easy to snag a scarf from Spain or a bag from Brazil while knowing your eligible purchases are protected and your payment info is secure. Hot tip: Check out our Mother’s Day shopping guide for a global array of gift ideas.

Kerry Reynolds, Head, Consumer Marketing, PayPal Canada

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