Meet PayPal Canada's Small Business Growth Council
I am pleased to share that PayPal Canada is teaming up with renowned entrepreneur Arlene Dickinson  to inspire Canadian small businesses to join and thrive in the digital economy. In the next few weeks along with Arlene’s support, we will connect with small business owners across the country to discuss the challenges they face and the opportunities they have to grow their business using technology.
"A great majority of Canadian businesses, particularly small businesses, are not yet fully harnessing the opportunities presented by technology. Recognizing this, I am excited to team up with PayPal Canada as we have a shared mission and commitment to help small business owners and entrepreneurs scale their businesses and become successful,” shared Arlene as she joined us in our offices today.
Today, we also officially launched PayPal Canada’s Small Business Growth Council, a community of PayPal small business e-commerce leaders – our customers. The council members were selected because they not only run successful businesses, they are passionate and want to make a difference. They represent a breadth of backgrounds and industry verticals. We’re excited to share their names:
We held our first meeting with the Small Business Growth Council at our office today and discussed the key issues faced by this community and key trends emerging in the entrepreneurship landscape in Canada.
Over the next few months, we will work with Arlene and the Small Business Growth Council to educate and empower small businesses to harness the power of online and mobile commerce solutions through regular discussions, public events and knowledge sharing sessions.
At PayPal, we focus on providing cutting-edge digital commerce solutions for over 250,000 small businesses. A study that we conducted revealed that there is a broad section of Canada’s small businesses that still need help to fully tap into the digital economy – only one in five Canadian small businesses accept online payments. A lot more work needs to be done to help businesses sell their services or products online so they can participate in the global digital marketplace.
A thriving e-commerce environment can lead to greater trade, increased employment and income opportunities for all Canadians. Recognizing this, we took the lead in working with Arlene Dickinson and officially kicking off the Small Business Growth Council to increase the number of businesses that take advantage of the digital tools and solutions that are available today, and will be offered in the near future.

Paul Parisi, President, PayPal Canada

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